Pesca Pronta is actively involved in the promotion of responsible consumption of fish, particularly attentive to the sustainability of the fish product, on which depends our quality of life and health of the planet.

— Sustainability —

The Pronta Pesca products follow with great precision European laws on sustainability and are always accompanied by the label with all the information about the name of the fish, its origin and the method of fishing and breeding.

Pesca Pronta favours season fish caught in adulthood, preferably short-lived, species not endangered and, when not crossing our seas,  that come from certified and according to law breeding  farms.

Eating sustainable seafood means respecting the reproductive cycles of fish that live in our seas: the only specimens of fish that  grow to maturity can infact reproduce and consequently guarantee the balance of the life chain necessary to the survival of the species.

Pesca Pronta offers its customers a high quality fish product, obtained with efficient systems of fishing and breeding, which does not affect marine biodiversity.

Both in fishing wild fish as with aquaculture, sustainability certification of all Pronta Pesca harmonizes the renewed consumer needs with respect and protection of species and ecosystems.