Our fish remains fresh even when it comes from afar

Pesca Pronta has always implemented procurement strategies focused on a global scale.

Our fish catch really speaks all the languages ​​of the world.

The product arrives in our stores from the best waters of the world, without losing one gram of freshness.

Pesca Pronta responds loudly, “Yes!” To the challenge of today’s global markets but puts the quality of the fish always and only at the top, where it should be, and should remain, in the interest of the consumer and the fish itself.

—Organization —


From the sea to the fish market in the blink of fin

The distribution service of Pesca Pronta is one of the flagships of our company. We run  all orders daily with the utmost precision and accuracy, ensuring all our customers a strategic approach and a 360 degrees back office service, provided by our staff at maximum professionalism and in full compliance with the deadlines.

Quality, service and timeliness

All orders are managed through a computerized structure that allows you to draw the individual product and to know the exact position at every stage of transportation. In parallel, a  dedicated customer care service guarantees constant assistance to all our interlocutors, be they related to mass retailers or the Horeca sector, based on the specific business needs.

Timeliness, quality control and transparency are our watchwords. To these we add technology and innovation, because only one thing is more important to our customers: the quality of the service we offer them.

Structure and logistics

Preservation of the product is the keystone of any commercial chain that points to a real excellence.

The fish product named Pesca Pronta is kept in warehouses and storage platforms equipped with sophisticated refrigeration equipment to accommodate the fish just landed from fishing vessels, subjecting it to any process of cleaning and processing needed for its subsequent commercialization on a large scale, either directly with our outlets both within the mass retailers nationwide.

Our platforms


SEDE: FIUMICINO (RM) – Via Giovanni Durli, 45



PLATFORM Laboratory processing, point of authorized disembarkation  fishing vessels and local distribution



LOCATION: Agribusiness Centre at Salerno

Point of Sale wholesale and distribution Ho.Re.CA Local

Thanks to the logistics partner Frigosud Servizi we are able to distribute widespread throughout the country in a timely manner and managed with regards to the hccp legislation.