— Nato Libero —

The fresh catch of quality

The attention that Pesca Pronta Import Export Srl has always reserved for the “food security” factor and trade policy based on transparency, to protect and safeguard the consumer, are the key factors for the birth of the brand “Nato Libero”.

Nato Libero is a trademark identifying the product range distributed by Pesca Pronta, that doesn’t come from breeding farms: the fish, which has lived in pristine seas, caught and transferred to the headquarters of the company in a matter of hours, is selected and sent as soon as possible to stores in order to guarantee the characteristics of nutritional and organoleptic taste, that only the freshest fish can maintain

— Bio Blu —

Offshore breeding Farm in completely natural conditions


The business philosophy of Pesca Pronta Import Export Srl cannot, however, overlook the group of users that intend to consume good value high quality fish.

Based on these assumptions Pesca Pronta has selected the best fish of aquaculture farms which, operating in uncontaminated seas, breed with the offshore technique (offshore breeding in natural conditions).

Aquaculture fish distributed by Pesca Pronta has the same characteristics as the wild for taste, texture of the meat, fresh smell and shiny.

Fish bred in this way possess valuable derived nutritional characteristics , as well as by the natural environment, even by highly precise, conscious choices of animal husbandry which develop a firmer muscle mass and with a uniform and balanced distribution of the lipid component.

— Crudo Sicuro —

A safe product for an informed consumer

Raw fish is a food that offers great benefits to our health, thanks to its high content of Omega-3 and proteins of high biological value.

The Crudo Sicuro range of Pesca Pronta guarantees scrupulous treatments  to lower potential parasites and bacteria, while preserving the organoleptic properties of the fish, its taste and its original consistency.

Pesca Pronta offers a wide choice of fish carefully selected and brought down to -40 ° when caught, as required by European regulations regarding consumption of raw fish.

Whether it’s shellfish, anchovies, diced tuna, mackerel or salmon, Pesca Pronta apply to every Crudo Sicuro product all necessary precautions, following the directives of the Manual of Self-control (HACCP), in terms of food safety.

The Crudo Sicuro range is also subject to constant supervision by the competent authorities, including accurate microbiological tests conducted directly on the product itself.

All the steps in our supply chain are constantly monitored in order to precisely track the treatments that have to be carried out by law on each product.

— Pescapronta Preconfezionati —

Selected, cleaned and packaged fresh fish


The proposal Prepackaged PescaPronta, Unique in the market,  is to offer selected, cleaned and packaged fresh fish, ready to be cooked according to the most demanding tastes.

Fresh fish after being caught, arrives at the factories of Pesca Pronta of Fiumicino and is subjected to the gentle cleaning stage in a totally air-conditioned and controlled environment.

Subsequently, the clean fresh fish is packaged with modern procedures that preserve the integrity and subjected to further specific controls needed for the verification of the authenticity of the final product destined for sale.

Once this phase is over, the packages are ready for labelling which takes place totally in automatic. All production is then delivered to stores, through the Pesca Pronta distribution network, only a few hours after packaging.