Do’ mari prepares cuts of prime quality pelagic fish that are safe and ready to use.

Our cuts combine the best tradition of the Italian fish industry and a strong focus on the safety and freshness of the product, with the effective use of state-of-the-art preservation technologies.

— Do' Mari —

A sea of tradition


Our fish products comply with all Community regulations on safety, quality and food hygiene. We select and control the raw materials, carefully checking for the presence of heavy metals, such as mercury and lead, or the formation of histamine.


We consider the sea and its resources a precious asset to be coveted and protected. We operate in full compliance with the reproductive cycles of the species and the marine environment,using certified fishing methods which guarantee low impact on marine biodiversity.


Labels on our products show all the information required for operators In the distribution chain. The species, geographical origin and date of fishing are clearly indicated for each fish product.

— Primus —

Naturalmente superiore

The fish is frozen on board as soon as it is caught, in order to preserve its taste, quality and freshness. Ultra-fast freezing down to minus 50 degrees allows us to fully maintain the freshness and nutritional and organoleptic properties of the fish, protecting it against the harmful effects of parasites and bacteria.