The search for new solutions aimed at enhancing the quality characteristics of our products

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Nationwide leader of fresh fish product distribution

In an era characterized by increasing attention to food quality, manufacturers or distributors of food have got to meet the increasing demands of a market populated by demanding and informed clients and by a huge amount of products that are substantially different.

Pesca Pronta Import Export Srl can be rightly considered among the leading companies in the Italian market for the distribution of fresh fish products.

The guidelines of Pesca Pronta Import Export Srl are focused on a central element summarized in the constant attention to product quality, this characteristic, the most important given the fact that fresh fish needs, for its peculiarities, particularly strict supervisions and selections.

Mission and Values

The solidity achieved, together with the vanguard organization that characterizes the Company, make sure that the search for new solutions aimed at enhancing the quality characteristics of products is translated into consumer loyalty, thereby achieving two objectives: contribute to disclosure of accurate business information and increase the marketability of a product with superior features.


Our work is constantly directed towards selection and supervision of products from around the world to ensure the highest quality for consumers.


We collaborate with our partners, suppliers and our customers, to promote policies of respect for the reproductive cycles and sustainable fishing techniques.


We handle every phase of the product from fishing to conservation, through strict procedures to ensure safe, certified product.